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Buckle up for a wild ride

across the USA,

and even down into Central and South America,

as Mama Cara, along with her young son, Cee, spins tragedy into gold via miles of bike riding, dancing her emotions under Redwood Trees and soothing her anxiety in fresh water streams. Along the way, enjoy animal encounters with bear, buffalo and elk, childhood flashbacks and recurring dreams as well as plenty of pop music sing-alongs!

The Mama Caravan: A Cross Country Adventure of Life After Loss by Cara Higgins Cadwallader is a transformational non-fiction book imbued with magical realism. The Mama Caravan is a maternal mental health map for navigating the stormy seas of loss, childhood trauma, lone parenthood and emotional fitness.

An adventurous tale of life after death,

Mama Cara sets out to heal her and her son’s hearts from the greatest loss of their lives – the death of her life partner to cancer - while a global pandemic rages.

Caravanning over 12,000 miles of the contiguous USA amidst national protests and environmental calamity, Mama Cara educates her child on the road –

just as she and Papa Burt once fantasized about doing together.

Along the way, Mama Cara listens to her intuition by spending ample time in nature

while social distancing with other parents who are either living #thevanlife or are in #quarantine2020 in the safety of their own homes across the nation.


Plotting her route through the tumultuous waters of motherhood,

Mama Cara ultimately arrives at self-acceptance via a winding road

through pain to pleasure and from shame to worthiness.


All the while sharing the alchemy

for transmuting the poison of toxicity

into a healing elixir of Love.

A soulful journey honoring the importance of adversity in our lives,

The Mama Caravan is about becoming the Inner Mother you always needed, and will move you to shedding tears and feeling rage

- over what can feel like life’s senseless injustices –

to proclaiming your belief in

the magic of true love once more.

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THE MAMA CARAVAN is the tale of how
Mama Cara & Papa Burt's final love child 
came to bee. 
Working out & exercising our Emotional Bodies is how we
Survive Loss, Integrate Trauma and Transform Our Pain Into Power. 



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Flex Your
Emotional Muscles

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