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Tell Your Story.


Do you dream of being published?
Writing your book?
Or having a blog & website?

Work with Mama Cara to:

  • Cultivate &/or deepen your daily writing practice;

  • Gain greater clarity on how to share your unique message with a wider audience;

  • Be connected to a community of women writers supporting each other ;

  • Set easy to achieve goals and feel successful!

    A TALE TO TELL....

                  WHAT'S YOURS?>

Cultivate Your 40-Day Practice for Prosperity

Tired of Feeling Tired? Bored?  Unappreciated? Or Frustrated?

Work with Mama Cara to:

  • Create a unique-to-you daily practice that integrates your gifts;

  • Identify Your Feelings & Gain Clarity on Your Desires;

  • Practice Asking for the Help You Need;

  • Be witnessed by Mama Cara who intuitively sees the immense gifts that you have to share with our world;

  • & More.



Build Your Village.

As women, we know

we need a tribe to thrive.

Our family needs its village.

Work with Mama Cara & you will:

  • Create &/or find YOUR village - no matter where in the world you are;

  • Connect with pertinent-to-you contacts, like educational projects, other travelers, & settled families who welcome nomads; 

  •  Be embraced within a vital community of women supporting women. 


Why Work with

Mama Cara?

MAMA CARA SEES YOU in all of your unique magnificence. 

Mama Cara brings a wealth of life experience, including:

  • Creating & running a backyard learning cooperative for local families;

  • Being published by a global platform;

  • 5 years of World, Road & Un-Schooling a Young Child;

  • Coping with Loss & Learning to Live With It;

  • 30+ years as an Embodiment Artist/Dancer & Writer.

           YOU DREAM OF>

Plot Your Path.

Do you fantasize about long adventures with your family?
Traveling around our world?
Or, unschooling your children?


Work with Mama Cara to:

  • Have your questions answered & guidance provided;

  • Cut through your overwhelm & create a plan that works for your family;

  • Feel confident in your choices & forward movement;

  • Be connected to a worldwide network of other families doing the same.




Sliding Scale Coaching


Affordable options for every Mama

Working with Mama Cara can look like:

  • 1-on-1 individual sessions;

  • Group coaching sessions;

  • Video tutorials for embodiment practices;

  • Private Facebook and WhatsApp groups and threads for immediate support;

  • PDFs for independent practice;

  • & More.


Our Clients Say

"Since becoming a mother & a wife, I’ve felt disconnected by a sense of chaos & disharmony. This has affected my parenting, intimacy, confidence, & ability to feel happy. Nothing has helped me commit to myself to reclaim my voice & inner power the way that Mama Cara has. This has been the missing link to my getting unstuck. Now, I feel more empowered, confident, & connected."

Mama Lorien, Middle School Counselor 

I Want IN!

Get Me MOVING Towards My Needs, Desires & Prosperity.

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