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About Cara H. Cadwallader, MFA

Author of The Mama Caravan

& Co-Creator of Emotional Fitness Dojo

For over 30 years, Cara has turned towards dancing with her fingers on the pen (or keyboard) and her hand on the page (or computer) as another way to express herself, reflect on her experiences and gain greater insight about herself and this confounding yet miraculous world we live in.

As an educator, Cara has taught experiential education & language arts to children and youth for over two and a half decades. 

As an embodiment artist, Cara has spent over 35 exploring, studying & investigating dance & movement. Embodying her emotions and feelings so that she can better understand how to care for herself and be more present and available to her young son is how Cara has coped with grief and loss in finding herself as a lone Mother in this brave new world of Covid, calamity, and chaos. Learn more about how you can do this too at


Cara demonstrates 'Embodiment'

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